Setting out for the 8 day trip at the crack of dawn saw a group of us 4 DJ/Producers rising above the clouds and taking to our destiny.

The purpose of the trip started out as a ‘post-hempcrete-studio-construction’ break ahead of Spring and turned into a magical showcase of how music unites all. Have a look-see at the map to see our trek.

Being able to host a music industry showcase and talk with the musicians at Mthata was incredibly special. In a poorly lit room we had the decks set up and we were able to share how accessible the music industry is to those who want it most. Big shout out to Daru for providing that guidance! Thanks to Snoux and family for hosting us!

Next was Mngazana and the Transkei where we sneaked in a recording with magnificent views from our deck. It’s never a bad time to catch a quick recording!

Our trip achieved far more than we set out to, and if you want to hear more, follow us on instagram here. Stay free in the mind and allow music to heal all wounds.

Be blessed from the Playground Twins (and Dylan)

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  1. Twin elephants have been born in the Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape. This is only the third time in the history of the park that such an event has been recorded.

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