What DJs do when not on the decks is often kept under the radar for most, but not the Playground Twins.

Having a registered Non-Profit Org called Growing OGs behind them secured a level 5 permit to assist those in distress during the pandemic. While most were locked in their homes, the twins assumed the role of delivery men and committed to assisting Mama Micky in Khayelitsha township (informal settlement).

Mama Micky founded a soup kitchen usually feeding the sick and children infusing hemp seed oil into her meals. An incredible case study that saw aids sufferers symptoms (like rashes) dissipate. Mama Micky sleeps warm inside her hempcrete structure (seen above) that was donated by the hemp pioneers of South Africa. When the pandemic struck she was feeding her greater community and now feeds over 500 beautiful people per day.

The Playground Twins roll around in Ntsiki (isiXhosa for ‘Bless’) and often she transforms into a jungle-gym for the kids after they help off-load the food. While there seems to be little connection between this and music, we excite the prospect of those interested joining us in our DJ classes which were offered in the khasi.

Should you wish to get involved – reach out to the Playground Twins and we can see how best to be impactful.

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